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Let's Sing Together Missionaries

The winner of the 2010 Jack Daniel's composition contest with its energetic scene and song called Osman, the owner of a duet with Italian - Turkish pop star Zeynep Casalini, a retro, creative, entertaining rock band with a special audience with its 2 cult albums, singles, Babylon Istanbul launch and Zeytinli Rock Fest stage. .


Ahmet Beyler continues to enchant his fans with his unique sounds and unique performances. You will be hooked from the first note you hear. Read on for more about the band.

Ahmet Beyler & Zeynep Casalini - Aşk Yayıcam Valla
netd müzik

Ahmet Beyler & Zeynep Casalini - Aşk Yayıcam Valla

Ahmet Beyler & Zeynep Casalini'nin, Garaj Müzik etiketiyle yayınlanan "Aşk Yayıcam Valla" isimli tekli çalışması, video klibiyle netd müzik'te. Söz: Eren Tokgöz Müzik: Eren Tokgöz, Emre Çakar Düzenleme: Eren Tokgöz, Emre Çakar Yönetmen: Ali Adnan Özgür, Hakan Cigaoğlu Türkçe Pop oynatma listesi: Yeni Hit Şarkılar: netd müzik’te bu ay: "Aşk Yayıcam Valla" şarkı sözleri ile Kalbimi kırıver içine bi bak Bulursan biraz aşk bana da bırak Senin olmamış olsam da Ben hep böyle yaşadım nasılsa Kalbimi kırıver içine bi bak İçinde ne var inan bilmiyorum ben de Bulursan biraz aşk bana da bırak Aşk bana da uzak, aşk bana da uzak Senin olmamış olsam da Ben hep böyle yaşadım nasılsa Aşk yayıcam valla (Aşk yayıcam) Aşk yayıcam valla (Aşk yayıcam) Aşk yayıcam valla (Aşk yayıcam) Aşk yayıcam valla (Aşk yayıcam) Çok da değil, az geriye sarabilseydim Hiç bilmediğim aşk sözleri derdim Sırları çözer idik, barışırdık valla Sırları çözer idik sarışırdık valla Aşk yayıcam valla (Aşk yayıcam) Aşk yayıcam valla (Aşk yayıcam) Aşk yayıcam valla (Aşk yayıcam) Aşk yayıcam valla (Aşk yayıcam) İpi ele alsam inanın, herkesleri sevicem Aşk yayıcam valla Aşk yayıcam valla Aşk yayıcam valla Aşk yayıcam valla netd müzik, Facebook'ta, aynı zamanda Twitter'da, bir de Instagram'da! ve Spotify'da: peki YouTube kanalımıza abone oldunuz mu?


A Musical Journey

The group, which started its journey in Ankara in the 90s under the name of Ucan Kaz, always took it upon itself to be original, creative and sincere. Until 2001, he gave many concerts in METU, took the stage in the TV8 program Yorumsuz by famous Turkish musician, Burhan Sesen.

In 2007, he got a more rock sound with his new team under the name “Herkes Kirmizi” in Istanbul. In 2009, he won the 1st prize in the Jack Daniel's Rock Composition Contest with his song Osman. He gained a considerable audience for himself with Osman, who went up to number 1 on the music lists, which led to many music programs interviews and numerous concerts. The first clip of the band was also shot for Osman.  

In 2012, he took the name Ahmet Beyler with his new staff that changed in order to return to the acoustic sounds of the 90s. In 2015, his first album from Pasaj Müzik was released. The Bongo Bong adaptation Dumbelek Krali, which they published after getting the appreciation of Manu Chao with Istanbul, Bilirkisi and Selam Soyleme clips, has gained a cult place in the music community.


The band, which spent 2018 as a featuring year, published the videos of Ask Yayicam, Koyumde Var and Erken Secim, respectively, with esteemed Italian - Turkish popstar Zeynep Casalini, singer song writer Ezgi Aktan and jazz vocalist Hediye Guven. The year that Gun Gece Esit video and Baris Abi'nin Sofrasi, which they made in memory of Baris Manco, were also published in that year. It was very busy  year with many gigs such as the Zeytinli rock festival, the Babylon launch concert, If, Kadıköy Sahne, and full with interviews as well.


In 2018, Ahmet Beyler songs were used in the movie Bebek Geliyorum Demez, and the songs composed for the movie Ev Kira Semt Bizim were going to be making the second album of the group in 2021.


In 2019, the band set out on its own story and shot the first episode of a series called Biz Ahmet Beyler. He continues to seek support for the continuation of the series.


The band's improvisations  sessions on stage since 2012 have inspired the concept of Social Music collective songs , and in 2020 Social Music gained a considerable audience with collective songs on Instagram.


The group continues its path with love and passion as a collective music band under the coordination of Eren Tokgöz -aka Sgt. Hippie. In 2021, his second album and new clips will be with their fans.

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